FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions (for users)

What is ChessRegister?

ChessRegister is an event registration system for Chess tournaments. It lets an organizer know that you will be attending an event and allows you to pay for the event fee (if applicable) online prior to the event.

Who should I contact if I have questions or comments about these events?

Contact your event organizer with questions about your event.

Some events require payment. What payment methods are available?

ChessRegister is proud to be a PayPal Partner and we provide PayPal payment services to our clients. “Check out faster, safer and more easily with PayPal, the service that lets you pay, send money, and accept payments without having to enter your financial details each time.”

I confirmed my registration but have not yet paid. How do I submit my payment?

Once you confirm your registration an email confirmation will be sent to you. That email contains a link to allow you to submit your payment. If you cannot locate that email then just register again and Chessregister will locate and allow you to complete and pay for your original registration.

I like ChessRegister but my organizer isn’t using it. How can I help?

Tell your organizer about us! It only takes a few minutes to set up a new organizer. Once they’re set up they can take a no-obligation test drive!

Why should I create an account?

You can save your profile details (name, address, etc.) and you won’t have to enter that information when you register for a future event. More useful “member” features and services are planned.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions (for prospective organizers)

Why should I use ChessRegister?

  • You should use ChessRegister because it’s ….
    • Easy to use – You and your registrants will appreciate how easy it is to use the ChessRegister app. Signing up for an event takes only a couple of minutes and the organizer event management pages are intuitive and very easy to navigate.
    • Fast – We’ve used the latest technologies to create ChessRegister and it runs on Google’s servers so it’s fast as lighting!
    • Secure – we use SSL to encrypt all of the traffic to and from the ChessRegister app and we use let PayPal handle all of the monetary stuff. And did we metion that we’re running on Google’s servers? 🙂
    • Beautiful – we’ve designed a very clean interface without a lot of noise. Well, at least we think so!

How much does it cost?

ChessRegister assesses a small fee for every registration in excess of $10 USD. This fee is to help offset server, network, and administration costs. The fee is charged when the registration payment is accepted. The following summarizes the calculation and provides a few examples:

Registration fee of $10 or less is free
Registration fee greater than $10 will be charged 25 cents + one half percent of the registration fee

For example:

  • Registration fee of $25: 0.25 + 0.13 = 38 cents
  • Registration fee of $50: 0.25 + 0.25 = 50 cents
  • Registration fee of $99: 0.25 + 0.50 = 75 cents

Are there any other fees?

PayPal (and other payment processors) do charge a fee to use their service. ChessRegister has no control over that (wish we did). You may read more about PayPal’s fees here.

How might I try ChessRegister?

Send us an E-mail and we’ll set you up as an organizer. Read the “Getting Started Guide” and set up an event. We recommend setting up a “mock” event (that only you can access) initially. It’s that easy!

How will I get my registrant information out of ChessRegister (and into my favorite pairing app)?

You may simply download your registrant data as a “CSV” file that you can import directly into your favorite spreadsheet program. We also provide export files for the popular SwissSys and WinTD pairing programs.

What if I have questions?

Send an email to support@chessregister.com and we’ll be happy to help. Please contact your organizer for questions related to your event.