Event Registration System for Chess Tournaments

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ChessRegister is an event registration system for chess tournaments. It provides organizers with an easy to use web-based system to collect and manage player registrations. Tournament entry fees (if any) are processed via PayPal and deposited directly to the organizer’s PayPal account. Chessregister is free for organizer use for entry fees less than ten dollars.

It’s Easy!

ChessRegister was designed from the ground up to be fast and easy to use. It takes only minutes to create a new event and even less time for a participant to register for a tournament. Registration data can be updated by organizers as needed and then downloaded into a spreadsheet or directly into your favorite tournament pairing application. Chessregister currently supports direct import into both the SwissSys and WinTD pairing applications.

 Secure Payments

We use PayPal to accept credit card or PayPal payments and industry-standard SSL encryption to secure the registration process. Payments are accepted directly by PayPal and immediately deposited into the account associated with the organizer’s PayPal account email address. Registrants do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit card.

Current USCF & FIDE Ratings

ChessRegister maintains it’s own database of UCSF & FIDE ratings thus ensuring that current ratings (as of the latest monthly supplement) are always used during registration and when the registration file is exported. This also ensures that registrants are not impacted by slow or unresponsive external (ahem, USCF) systems. Players can check back at any time to see their USCF and FIDE rating in one spot!

 Organize Your Own Events!

If you would like to use ChessRegister to manage your own events then getting started is easy (sound like a theme?). There are no files to download and nothing to buy. You need only do the following to get started with ChessRegister:

  1. Create an account on ChessRegister.
  2. Complete the New Organizer Request Form.

Once we’ve granted organizer access we’ll send you an email and you can proceed to kick the tires! Be sure to read Getting Started Guide to help you get started.