Getting Started Guide

How to set up and test your first event


Use the New Organizer Request Form to request organizer access. Wait for confirmation before proceeding.

Log in to

Click “Account Settings” from the drop-down menu in the upper right.
Enter your organization’s name and contact email address in the “Organizer Profile” section.

Click “Admin Panel” from the drop-down menu in the upper right.
Click “Manage Events & Registrants”.
Click the “Add Event” button.

Complete the following fields:

Event Name
Event Type
Start Date
End Date
Event Fee (enter zero if your event has no entry fee)
Expires (date your event fee expires)
Schedules Available (choose at least one)
Sections Available

Click “Add Event”.
Click the button “Preview Event” in the upper right.

You may now walk through the event and register for it. Modify your event as needed. Once you are satisfied that it is working as expected you may check the “Publish Event” checkbox to make the event available from the Chessregister “Events” page. Once your event is available on the Events page you may simply copy the event URL for publication onto your own pages or print.

To download registration data

Player registration data can easily be exported into files that will then import directly into either the SwissSys or WinTD tournament pairing applications or into a “CSV” formatted file that can be read by Excel or similar.

To accept payments via Stripe

We’ve recently decided to migrate our payment processing services over to Stripe. Please find instructions for how to enable Stripe payments in the email that was sent to all organizers here.